Česminica beach

Cesminica Beach is 200 meters away. The sea is shallow and suitable for children. The outside is made of gravel and concrete, and there is sand in the sea. The beach has a coffee bar and shower.

Perna beach

Perna Beach is a natural / wild beach with no facilities, with clear shallow seawater and lots of greenery around it. It is located in a nearby bay 2 km away from us.

Bilina beach

Bilina Beach, a natural beach, 800 meters away on foot. It has no facilities but is perfect for a peaceful swim in the crystal clear sea, sunbathing in the nearby pine shade and flat rocks.

Mlaska beach

Sandy Beach Mlaska is a camping spot where you can stay all day, as it has all the amenities, such as a toilet, showers, a restaurant and a coffee bar. It is 4 km from Manora House.

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